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Istp shadow functions

An ISTP's first shadow function is Extraverted Thinking (Te). Their second shadow function (critic) is Introverted Sensing (Si). Their third shadow function (trickster) is Extraverted Intuition (Ne). Their fourth shadow function (demon) is Introverted Feeling (Fi).

2021. 3. 25. · How an ISTP Acts in Relationships . The ISTP’s Thinking function can sometimes manifest as disinterested or emotionally unavailable, especially at the beginning. However, ISTPs simply prefer to keep their intense emotions to. The shadow type of ISTP is ESTJ. In Jungian psychology, the shadow represents the unconscious self and the aspects of our personality that we don’t accept as.

2020. 8. 9. · You can look at CS Joseph as he talks about the ISTP and the shadow functions. His information isn’t absolute, but he’s a good place.

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An ISTJ just wants things running correctly to benefit others and ISTP just wants things to be beautiful and interesting for the sake of it. My ISTP ex liked absorbing technical knowledge with the ultimate intention of making something original and all this own, which he successfully did.

The ISTP is an introvert (I) who likes to remain open (P). ISTP's Jungian pair partner = INTP ISTP's dominant function opposite = ISFP ISTP's shadow opposite or functional opposite = ENFJ ISTP's mirror opposite = INFP ISTP's complementary opposite = ESTJ One of the two 'introverted thinking types', the other is INTP.

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